10 Best Budget Treadmills Under 500 For 2021 – Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy the best treadmills under 500 in 2021 , check out our reviews of the best home treadmills and buy your best one.Also Check-Top 10 Best Treadmills / Best Treadmills Under 1000 Reviews.

Best Treadmill Under 500 Best Overall Treadmill in 2021
Best Desk Treadmill Under 500
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Best Treadmill For Home Under 500 Buy In 2021

  1. Best IPO Treadmill Under 500
  2. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill
  3. Best for 2021-Merax Folding Treadmill
  4. Merax Electric –Best Folding Treadmill Under 500
  5. OppsDecor Under –Best Desk Treadmill Under 500
  6. Best SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Machine
  7. Best Merax Heavy Duty Treadmill Under 500

Here you will find top 8 best home treadmills under 500 to buy in 2021 at amazon now.

Best IPO Treadmill –Best Treadmill Under 500 in 2021

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This is a great Treadmill. It is perfect if you want to slowly build up to jogging or running. chuLove it! I am right at the 250 weight limit mark. Have used about a week now and don’t feel like I’m gonna break it so that’s good! Really like the resistant handles, adds a bit more of a pump to your workout.

Multi-functional LED display that allows user to Track progress in speed, distance, time heart rate and calories burned. 12 preset programs offer unmatched variety for your workouts to challenge you and help you meet your goals.

The grip pulse sensor enables you to monitor your heart rate by placing your thumb on the hand grip, allowing you to keep within your target zone.

Level 5 damping system, high strength, high density, high elasticity double deck running board, anti-slip anti-static lawn texture belt, including wear Protection Layer, silencer Layer, strengthen Layer, shock adsorption layer and support layer, which minimize stress on the motor.

Greatly disperse the shock from running board and effectively protect your ankle and knee joint which helping your muscles recover faster from workout.Go To Top

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Best Treadmill Under 500-XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill

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The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill combines the quality and performance you desire with the flexibility of a machine that can be easily folded up and stored away. Specifically designed for the home environment, the TR150 incorporates numerous thoughtful features that were developed with your performance and comfort in mind. The console was designed for ease of use while still providing you with all the features you deserve. Start on the road to fitness today with the XTERRA TR150 Treadmill and exceed your expectations.

Treadmill arrived late last night … late as in time of day, it actually arrived a day ahead of schedule…outer box was in mostly good condition with only one small rip —- pretty awesome treadmill for UPS!

Assembled it tonight … assembly instructions were clear and concise, with both written and pictorial instructions … assembly was EASY PEASY!! I did have someone to hold the console section while I connected the wires, that helped a lot.Go To Top

Best for 2021-Merax Folding Treadmill

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Reviews-I’m 61 years old, and HATE running. I wasn’t sure if I’d use a treadmill regularly, but so far I am. Since I’m just trying to get my heart rate up via jogging, this is great. I really like the capability to play music (although you can’t pick which songs you want to hear – it just goes from the first one to the last one and repeats). Yes, it has a cheap, flimsy feel. But if you just want something for walking to mild running, I think this is a very good deal.


Compact Folding Design] Compact and reliable folding design, sized for home use. Convenient rolling wheels on the bottom offer simple transport.

[Efficient Workout Routine] Powerful motor with impressively low noise. Speed ranges from 0.62 – 7.5 MPH to meet your different fitness goals.

[12 Preset Programs] An easy to read control panel allows users to track progress in speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. 12 built-in preset auto programs plus manual mode to support goals for cardio training, weight loss and muscle toning. 3 incline levels available.

[Quiet Operation] 4-Layer PVC blend running belt gives a nice springy feeling while running on it, impressively quiet the sound of each step and minimize stress on the motor.

[Safety & Durability] Emergency stop key equipped for your safety concern. A modern folding treadmill doesn’t necessarily mean compromise on durability standardsGo To Top

Best Folding Treadmill Under 500


Merax Electric –Best Folding Treadmill Under 500

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Complete your home gym with a treadmill that has been optimized for convenience and efficiency. Power by a strong but quiet 1.5HP motor, Merax folding treadmill is sturdy and reliable enough to withstand long distance running sessions and support up to 240 LBS. 12 various preset programs, which alternates between high and low intensity workout sessions, as well as 3 count-down modes help achieve speed between 0.5 – 7.5 MPH (0.8 – 12 KM/H) for meting your different fitness goals. A large LCD display helps track all necessary performance including speed, time, distance and calories burnt to keep you constantly motivated.

This machine is very easy to assemble and works very well. Nice of them to include lubricant so you don’t have to buy any. I was worried it would be small but it’s actually perfect for me (I am 5’4”). My husband and I use it daily. The only issue I have is even after assembly because it was on my wooden floor without carpet initially, it’s slightly wobbly. I have bought a room carpet and it works great . Overall good product especially for the price!Go To Top

Best Electric Treadmill Under 500


 Exerpeutic TF1000 –Best Electric Treadmill Under 500

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The Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill is an effective way to burn extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Walking on the Exerpeutic TF1000 is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve a regimen of regular exercise. Unlike outdoor walking, treadmill fitness walking has the benefits of shock absorption and the convenience of exercising in your own home, in front of a TV or just listening to your favorite music. Walk to Fitness can help you lose body fat, tone muscles and is a great way to stay in shape. As for assembly the Exerpeutic TF1000 is virtually assembled out of the box. Attach the computer and you are ready to go! So go ahead and try the Exerpeutic TF1000! It can take the punishment! The Exerpeutic TF1000 supports 400 pounds user weight*, allowing you to walk your way to fitness at any age and body size.Go To Top

  • 400 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Extra Long Safety Handles
  • Wider Treadmill Belt: 40″ L x 20″ W
  • Extra Long Safety Handles
  • Heart Pulse Pads/Speed Control Buttons
  • 2 Manual Incline Positions
  • Foldable and Transportable
  • LCD Display Console

Best Desk Treadmill For Under 500


OppsDecor Under –Best Desk Treadmill Under 500

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Anyone who believes that work and movement cannot be combined is seriously wrong. Because with this treadmill, exactly these two worlds can be combined perfectly. Leave your desk chair behind you, because sitting too much during the day can make you seriously ill. Movement, on the other hand, improves endurance, blood circulation in the brain and thus concentration and keeps you fit and healthy for a long time. So, get up. Run. Go.Go To Top

  • Expanding Size: 49x27x42inch
  • Folding Size: 52x27x5inch
  • Running Surface: 40x16inch
  • Motor: 2.25HP
  • Speed: 1.0-12.0 km/h
  • Screen Display: Time, Speed, Distance,Calorie
  • Max user weight: 100kg/220lbs; Weight:75lbs
  • Rated Voltage: 110V; Rated Frequency: 60Hz

Best Digital Folding Treadmill Under 500


Best SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Machine

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Track Base Smart Digital Treadmill with Downloadable App

Stay active, get sweaty and have fun working out with the SereneLife Smart Digital Treadmill with auto-incline built with digital technology and engineered for speed and stability. Experience incline and speed choices to 0.6 up to 6.0 mph for a customized regimen that best fits your unique fitness goals.

The SereneLife Track Base Smart Digital Treadmill with Downloadable App – Smart Digital Treadmill Design – Get Connected with the ‘FitShow’ App – Pairs to Your Device via Bluetooth Connectivity – Running & Training Data Statistics Readout – Compact Form-Fitting Design for Any Room in the House – Built-in Hand Grip Sensors for Pulse Monitoring – Digital LCD Display Screen with Touch Button Controls – Displays Run Time, Distance, Speed, Calories Burned, Heart Rate – Adjustable Speed Settings – Selectable Preset Training Modes – Simple Electric Motorized Plug-in Design – Convenient Folding Style for Easy Setup & Storage – Used for Walking, Jogging, Running Exercise Training – Perfect for Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Fitness, Endurance & Stamina Building – Integrated Safety Key, Emergency Power Off.Go To Top

  • Features:
  • Pairs to Your Device via Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Running & Training Data Statistics Readout
  • Compact Form-Fitting Design for Any Room in the House
  • Adjustable Speed Settings
  • Simple Electric Motorized Plug-in Design
  • Used for Walking Jogging Running Exercise Training

Best Merax Heavy Duty Treadmill

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If you have little time to go to the gym, or prevented from running due to bad weather, this home use treadmill is an excellent choice for you. With this treadmill, your home becomes an ideal gym for you to stay in shape. Merax Heavy Duty Electric Folding Treadmill is a stylish contemporary design that features space-saving folding design yet reliable, sturdy frame for easy storage , a powerful but quiet motor that’s strong enough to hold long distance running sessions and versatile to meet different needs for all of your family members, a useful display to help you track time, calories, distance, speed, and heart rate. The pre-set programs alternate between high intensity and low intensity recovery periods to improve your aerobic capacity and burn calories after your workout.

The 8 best treadmills under 500 in 2021 Buyers Guide


How to choose the best treadmills under 500?


Features of the best treadmills under 500 buy in 2021


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