Top 10 Best Gps Tracker For Car 2020 Reviewed

Best Gps Tracker For Car 2020-2021

Best Gps Tracker For CarSpy Tec STI GL300

Best overall TrackerMOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

Best Top Rated Gps TrackerMasTrack OBD

Best GPS Tracker For People,VehicleOptimus 2.0

Best Budget Gps TreackerLinxup LPAAS1P1 OBD

Personal GPS TrackerMini, Portable, Track in Real Time

Best Gps Tracker for car 2020-If you’re trying to shop for the most effective Gps tracker For automotive , then you’ve come back to the proper place. I’ve written a complete Best low cost Gps tracker 2020 review guide to create it simple for you to decide on the most effective Vehicle Gps tracker 2021 for your budget and desires. therefore immediately, checkout our greatest mercantilism high ten Best Gps tracker For car 2020 list and determine that is the best suit for you.More: Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker

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Top 10 Best Gps Car Tracker 2020- Comparison


Reviews Of  The Best Gps Car Tracker 2020

1.Best Gps Tracker For Car-Spy Tec STI GL300

Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker


Key Feature:

  • Perfect for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, elderly persons or assets
  • Compact size goes anywhere | Attaches to vehicle or belt | Insert in backpack
  • Track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet
  • $25 a month | No activation or cancellation fees | No contracts
  • Get text or email when a person leaves an area

With over 100,000 happy clients and counting, SpyTec consistently earns excellent customer satisfaction ratings. SpyTec offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day, hassle-free returns on anything it sells, including the popular STI_GL300 tracker. They will even pay the return shipping cost! What’s more, all tracking service plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time, so you are never locked into a long-term contract. And with SpyTec you’ll never pay any activation or cancellation fees. Bottom line: We’re dedicated to making sure you’re a happy customer!

View a map of where your teen daughter’s has been driving, so you will know for sure she hasn’t made any unauthorized ‘side trips.’ Receive a text if your father with Alzheimer’s wanders too far away from his home, and into a potentially dangerous situation. Spy TecTrack your child to make sure he gets home safely from school. Or track your spouse or partner to see where they actually are when ‘working late’ again. Keep tabs on company vehicles in real-time. Even get notified if one of your valuable items moves from your home or office. Whatever the situation, the STI_GL300 has you covered!B


2.Best overall Tracker-MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker


MOTOsafety is not only a driving coach, but also can be used as a car tracker. Be able to find your car at a moment’s notice with our car gps tracking feature!

MOTOsafety is a simple easy to use GPS Tracking System, and activating your device is just as easy. Once you get your MOTOsafety device, check out our quick start guide in the box that will lead you through the step by step process to get your GPS device up and running.

This is an excellent tracking device and was easy for this grandmother to install without any assistance. My son in law went over the blinking lights several times with a permanent marker so that the device would be undetectable to the average person. I was able to track the whereabouts of my car as it was being driven by a family member who was out on bail for drug-related issues. It took less than a week to catch this person driving to shady locations when they were supposed to be at work. I was able to google the addresses it provided to see exactly where every stop occurred. I followed up with a home drug testing kit that was positive for methamphetamines. I had to do this because up until the point I kept falling for the lies being told to me and I knew I had to have some undisputed evidence when I confronted this person.

GPS tracker; GPS tracking; Car tracker; Car GPS; Vehicle GPS; navigation; locator; tile gps; vehicleKey Feature:

  • Monitor driving activity with 100% accuracy (location, direction, speed, traffic, and more) using Google Maps.
  • Get a comprehensive teen driving education course with driving report cards that score safe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration to improve driving habits.
  • $19.99 a month | Activate 3G service to gain peace of mind with our nationwide 3G car tracking coverage that updates every minute. US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Track from anywhere using free GPS tracking mobile apps with real-time email & text message alerts.
  • Use GPS tracking to review driving routes, set geofences around key locations (school, home, or friend’s house) and know when the vehicle is in use after curfew.

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3.Best Gps Car Tracker-MasTrack OBD Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker


All passenger vehicles and lightweight trucks manufactured since 1996 are equipped with an OBD port that can be easily found within 3 feet of the steering wheel. The MasTrack system is used by businesses tracking their vehicles and personnel for verification of employee time sheets and customer billing. This system gives peace of mind to parents keeping an eye on their teen drivers or monitoring the location of an aging loved one.

This is great! we have it plugged into our son’s car and can check on our phones where the vehicle is. We bought the monthly subscription that shows us where the car is every 5 minutes. The subscription is through MasTrack and is about $20 a month. you can cancel at any time which is great because we can cancel it once we see that our son is going where he actually says he is. We’ve told him it is on the car. Where it plugs in, under the dash, he may or may not have noticed it had we not told him it was there. You can see the end of it with the white label when you sitting in the driver’s seat, however that is just on his car. you may not be able to see it on other cars and if the driver isn’t looking for it they may not even notice it.

Key Feature:

  • Includes 12 months of real time live GPS tracking with 1 minute updates. Nationwide coverage (USA & Canada) – No Activation Fees
  • No installation. Simply plugs into OBD-II port on every vehicle manufactured since 1996
  • Everything you need to get started and Premium Tracking for 12 months
  • Use any internet enabled device. No software required. Android and iOS app available
  • Includes live map updates with 24/7 unlimited access, unlimited reporting, unlimited alert notifications


4.Best Tracker-GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0


Its small size (3in x 1.5in x 1in) makes the GPS Tracker very portable. An internal motion sensor will help maximize battery charge when not in use by entering in standby mode. Follow the units track minute by minute (free upgrade to 30 second updates) on the user friendly tracking website with Google Maps. Receive alerts to pre-defined SMS numbers and email addresses when the central button on the tracker has been pressed. Get alerts from the GPS Tracker for speeding, entering or leaving predefined areas or when the tracker’s battery charge is low. Works great for tracking: Cars, trucks, elderly, children and assets.
Service Price: $19.95/Month. Credit/Debit Card. SIM Card and Data Plan are included.

This device is awesome and I would definitely recommend it for tracking a car location. Purchased this a few days ago. I’ve just been testing it by myself for now. I keep it in my laptop bag. I have been happy with the performance of this after a how many days.It is very accurate and tracks everywhere I have been without error. The hardware is extremely reliable as well as the service.. I’m more than satisfied. update alerts and very accurate location readings, all wrapped up in a very portable design with brilliant battery life. When you make use of the extra functionality like geofencing and ‘follow me’ , this optimus gps tracker really becomes an outstanding device! this is pricy but effective. Had to call support for something I lost and they immediately responded and resolved my issue.easy to use and excellent customer support. I would say something negative if there was anything, but there isn’t. Overall, i am happy!

Key Feature:

  • Optimus GPS Tracker – Track People, Vehicles, Items
  • $19.95 per month – Cancel Anytime – No Contract – No Hidden Fees – Customizable position report frequency from 30 Seconds while moving. Upgradable to 10 seconds.
  • IPhone and Android App for Easy and Fast Tracking – Special Routing Feature for Investigators
  • Email and Text Message Alerts for Movement, Speeding, Leaving or Entering Areas, Low Battery, SOS Button – Driving Reports – Unlimited GPS Tracking Historical Data Saved During Service
  • SIM Card and Data Plan Included – FCC, PTCRB Certified Unit – Coverage in USA, Canada, Mexico

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5.Best Gps Tracker-Zubie GL500C12M 3G


Key Feature:

  • Make any car a connected car – Simply plug the ZUBIE key into the diagnostics port. ZUBIE always-on 3G service connects your car to the ZUBIE App and services like IFTTT, Amazon Echo, or expense
  • Locate – view your loved one’s location 24/7 from the ZUBIE App or any browser. Get real-time location and curfew alerts
  • Protect – coach your teen drivers. Help prevent bad habits like hard braking. Monitor their speeding versus posted Limits. Be there for elderly parents in case they get lost
  • Detect – vehicle health alerts translate check engine codes and WARN you of low battery voltage before it’s too Late. Estimate real-market repair costs before going to the Mechanic

ZUBIE makes driving safer and worry-free – for the whole family. Simply plug in the ZUBIE key to your car’s diagnostic port, download the app and you’re connected to your car ZUBIE fast and reliable 3G service means your car is Monitored 24/7, even when you are not in it. With the ZUBIE app and real-time alerts, parents gain peace of mind by knowing exactly where their household vehicles are located, how the vehicle is being driven, and potential vehicle health problems. The ZUBIE teen app helps new drivers gain confidence on the road with coaching tips and driving summaries. For today’s connected family, ZUBIE even links up with popular online services likes IFTTT, Amazon Echo and expense. One year of monitoring service is included.GO TO TOP

Overall a great tool for keeping track of wear and tear on the vehicle, system notifications and accurate GPS for finding the vehicles. There is a lag time for live tracking, that’s why it’s getting for stars. Other than that it’s worth every penny, being that I use it for my commercial fleet and of had to track down and repossessed to of my vehicles do to drivers that I contacted with who were not paying their rent and using my vehicle as a motorhome!B

6.Best Budget Treacker-Linxup LPAAS1P1 OBD Vehicle Tracker


Key Feature:

  • Monitor fleet driving activity (location, direction, speed, traffic, and more) with a GPS tracker with 100% accuracy using Google maps so you can always find your fleet drivers.
  • Review driving routes with GPS Tracking, set geofences around important driver locations (jobsite or restricted areas) and know when the vehicle is in use with the Linxup GPS vehicle Tracking Device.
  • Activate 3G vehicle tracking service within 30 days of purchase to receive a free month of service, a $22.99 value! tracking service is $22.99/month with no contracts.
  • Linxup reports and email/text alerts help you reduce fuel consumption and identify reckless driving behaviors and the device installs in your vehicle OBD port within minutes.
  • Free mobile phone app with real-time email & text alerts allows you to make more service calls and reach more customers every day. Tracker comes with a limited lifetime device warranty.

This tracker works better than I ever hoped for. It’s amazing. I not only know where my kids cars are now, but also have a permanent record of where they have traveled, where they stopped, how fast they drove, and if they braked harshly. Everything is time stamped. It never looses signal. I can review their journeys using map or Google Earth view. It even tells addresses of where they stopped. The website is easy to use. Simply showing current location is not enough because you can’t constantly watch. But the fact that the website records their journeys allows you to review at your convenience, even from your smartphone. If I had bought this when they first started driving, they likely would not be in the trouble they are now. I’ve learned the hard way with teens you should trust but verify. Don’t wait until it’s to late.


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7.Best Car Tracker 2020-Automatic Pro


Key Feature:

  • Automatic Pro Uses 3G connectivity with no added fees
  • Real Time vehicle location tracking regardless of who is driving your car
  • Decode your check engine light like a pro. Crash detection that deploys emergency services to keep you and your loved ones safe
  • Connects your car to the rest of your digital life. Echo, Nest and IFTTT connected
  • This product only works within the United States, it is not compatible in any regions outside of the United States
  • Unlimited 3G subscription for 5 years
  • Crash Alert service

Automatic Pro is an adapter that plugs into almost any car to provide unlimited monitoring with zero fees. Know where your car is at all times, make sure that in the event of an accident that you and your family will be taken care of, and even connect your car to your Echo, your smart thermostat, or any other part of your digital life. This product works only in the US.GO TO TOP

I was really excited to get the automatic. My wife and I were able to track driving habits, where our car was parked, and there was an added element of safety in knowing where the car was at in long commutes to work and school. While the IFTTT integration never fully worked as expected we figured that was IFTTT’s overwhelmed servers and not Automatic tracking. However our warm feelings ended when my wife got in an accident no one on our emergency contact list was notified. While the accident was severe enough to total the car it was not enough to have Automatic notify us. If you are looking for a safety device you may wish to look elsewhere.B

8.Personal GPS Tracker-Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time


The Prime Tracking personal GPS tracker is perfect for vehicles, loved ones, pets, children, elderly relatives or anything else you’d like to track. We have developed this tool to help you keep your loved ones and valuable personal items safe.

Stay connected with a long battery life for up to two weeks without charging. You can rest easy knowing that if you’re using the tracker to track people, property or pets, Prime Tracking personal GPS tracker will last for weeks at a time.

Whether it’s your child coming home from school, a new teenage driver, or a senior taking public transportation, you can be assured that Prime Tracking will provide location updates as often as every ten seconds. This makes it easy to track moving people, vehicles, and important assets with accuracy and precision.

“Ok, there is nothing more important than a healthy household. I noticed my wife started acting differently and going to more speaking engagements. Yes, I thought it was great for us. However, overtime something seemed off. She was less a homebody and more a see you soon body. Well, I took the plunge and bought the tracker. I put it in her car and found out she wasn’t going to where she said she was. One night I tracked the tracker down to the exact address of the house. It was super accurate. I knocked on the door and heard her voice inside the house. Yes, she was cheating…No, we’re not together.


9.BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android


In my opinion most of this devices poor reviews come from the time when you had to pay for the app to activate features. Other reviews simply come from individuals not understanding OBII or how it basically functions.

This app imo is awesome 1st I am a used car dealer I need a fast OBII that is accurate and that can do a basic scan of all vehicle to make sure the car can pass emissions and to check for trouble codes or pending codes when a check engine is not on. This does it plus so much more.

Another import aspect is I need something small to carry around auctions. It gets tiring even carrying a small OBDII that has a cord. This is perfect it can fit in my front pocket & for rainy days I just toss it in a waterproof wristlet.

Key Feature:

  • Read and clear your Check Engine Light and all other vehicle systems. Get your unlimited free vehicle specific Repair Reports, generated from our database of millions of fixes verified by ASE Certified Mechanics
  • As easy to use as a code reader with all the capabilities of an expensive handheld scan tool, plus the benefits of your smartphone or tablet (free app updates, portability, saving data, interactive graphing of live data)
  • Officially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devices
  • The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor work exclusively with each other to ensure quality
  • BlueDriver is the Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by mechanics and developed by Professional Engineers in North America


10.AMERICALOC 300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker


This Gps tracker. Compact and small . Use it for almost every tracking purpose: Vehicles, assets, family, employees, etc. Easy to carry in vehicles, pockets, backpacks, cases and boxes. Rechargeable battery. This gl300w is ready to work . We save 1 full year of historical data. Device will detect events as: Movement, parked, speeding, device on/off, low battery, in and out of zones, front button pressed. You may draw and configure circular and more complex custom zones. Besides capturing and saving events, the system will enable you to configure e-mail notifications for specific events. In the box: Gl300 w tracker, wall charger, sim card (installed),activation instructions. We provide an international sim card, so you can track your devices in the united states, Canada, Europe and in almost every country in the world. No contracts. No activation fees. No cancellation fees. Only pay for a plan when you need it. Note: As with all GPS receivers, it works better if there are not obstacles between it and the open sky, specially if they are made up of metal or concrete. Track your device from your computer, tablet or phone.

“I bought 2. I hardwired one to a car that was being transported when we moved from Minnesota to Colorado. I put another one in a box that was packed with the moving company. I was able to track both all the way. The battery on the one packed lasted 8 days before it died. That was one more day than it took for the move.”

Key Feature:

  • GPS Tracker for vehicles, people, assets. New version of the famous GL300. As a welcome, Americaloc will add 2 extra months to your first service purchase. Service is USD 25 a month or even less if you buy more time. Cancel anytime
  • Why this one and not other version. This is the longest battery life version with extended multicarrier coverage. No activation or hidden fees. Ready to use. Beware of cheaper trackers with less battery life or less coverage.
  • Alerts: movement,parked, speeding, device on/off, low battery, entering or leaving zones, front button pressed.Battery life measured in days or even weeks, not in hours
  • Real Time Tracking and 1 year of tracking history. Track from any computer, tablet or phone or just download our Android and Iphone APP. Works in the US, Canada, Europe and in almost every country in the world.
  • 1 minute location updates while moving. Can be configured for location updates every 60, 30 or 10 seconds with no additional cost. This tracker is not an outdated 2G. This is the new version and it is better than a 2G


Best Gps tracker Buying Guide


Best Gps Tracker For Car-Spy Tec STI GL300 –BUY NOW

Best overall Tracker-MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker –BUY NOW

Best Top Rated Gps Tracker –MasTrack OBD –BUY NOW

Best GPS Tracker For People,Vehicle- Optimus 2.0-BUY NOW

Best Budget Gps Treacker –Linxup LPAAS1P1 OBD-BUY NOW

Personal GPS Tracker-Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time-BUY NOW

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